Debt Collection

Debt Collection

Most businesses struggle with consistent cash flow and debts which are outstanding.
Slow payments are known to have a crippling effect on the business. Small businesses are major victim of the outstanding and slower payments which makes it tougher and frustrating to manage the business operation in an effective fashion.
Reduced cash flow and increasing bad debt can lead to premature demise of any business household in the long run.

Our Debt Collection Service

Steer your business towards growth with managed debt collection
Wizard helps in businesses ailing from inconsistent cash flow and poor debt recovery ratio with end-to-end debt recovery solution.
Our debt collection services are aimed at improving the cash flow with efficient debt recovery with reliance on state-of-art technological solutions and best practices in the domain.
We help in recovering debts in different stages of delinquency ranging from the Primary, Secondary to Tertiary as well as Quints and 1st Party.
We work with widest range of products including Lines of Credit, Telecom, Retail Charge Cards, Personal Cards, Signature and Bank Card as well as Autoloans.

Different Stages in the Debt Collection Service

The Initial (Demand) Stage
On business’ behalf Wizard contacts the customers or debtors for collecting payment or offering them option sin varied debt restructuring.
Advance Recovery Stage
We employ our team in tracking down the debtors who have defaulted for a long time and necessary measures are taken to collect the accumulated debt.
Enforcement Stage
We rely on the best industry practices and legal attributes to get the needful payments made.
Reclaim Stage
By this stage our team in successful in getting the full payment or partial payment on the mutually agreed term with the debtors.

Wizard Edge in Debt Collection

Ensuring your debt remains at the minimum level.
Wizard Debt Collection services and process are based on the years of experience accumulated in successfully recovering debt and infusing the business with the much needed cash flow.
We work with a number of buyers, lending institutions as well as top of the collection agencies to bring sound results for our clients within the shortest amount of time.
We had built a competency by training individuals in the art of debt collection, following the best practices in the domain. We had procured essential collection licensing which aids in the debt recovery in swiftly.
Help your business with consistent cash flow with our debt collection service.

Benefits of Our Debt Collection Service

  • Save Time & Money: Our systems and process are designed based on our experience which results in quick resolution of debt issues. We enable clients to received payments faster which eventually helps in saving money both in the short and long term.
  • Reduce arrears: With our fast payments receiving benefit clients happens to reduce their arrears to a highly manageable level.
  • Fast & Complete Recovery: Our debt collection ensures that the client recover all the money lent as well spent in the collection.
  • Improve your business efficiency: We take care and manage your payment arrangements utilizing the best in class software system.
  • Focus on your business: While we take care of debt recovery you and your staff can attend to other core business activities.
Generate a healthy cash flow with our service.
Email us to know how our debt collection service can make a difference for your business.