Outbound Service

Outbound Service

Outbound Call Centers are involved with processes that sell either a particular product / service. They are usually dependent on their teams of telemarketers to get the product / services message across to the prospective customer, in order to get him / her interested enough to purchase on the spot.
Wizard Group specializes in outbound call center services and offers a wide-array of call center and BPO solutions to help you increase revenue, reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, and better delight your customers.

We specialize in the following Outbound services:

Tele Marketing and new Customer acquisition

At the core of our customer, acquisition environment is providing a quality customer service experience and gaining the consumer's confidence. The interaction generally begins with answering consumer questions regarding product information, product choices, cost, and availability. The middle and latter end of the call is dedicated toward an eventual sale (including up-sells and/or cross-sells) after the consumer's questions have been answered and they have been put at ease.
Wizard Group believes that what differentiates our sales efforts from other sales organizations is our training. Our sales training focuses on developing expertise on the product/service and the sales process. In an integrated fashion, we train our agents in such a way to become product experts by understanding the sales process. We limit the initial scope of the effort to a manageable level, and then rehearse the process repeatedly.

Lead Generation

Business Lead Generation service simply refers to the creation or generation of potential customer interest in a product or service. A lead can be generated for diverse purposes – selling, awareness, list building, research or even opinion polls. It is considered one of the most effective methods to gain prospective customers. The concept in not new, however, the approach is brand new today.
Our advantage:
  • Reduced cost of sales
  • More sales volumes
  • Increased profits
  • Enhanced awareness of your product or service within your targeted market
  • Seamless representation of your services, products and company
  • Updated global prospect database
  • Reliable intelligence
  • Leverage sales team time
  • Scalability to retract or expand size of lead qualification or lead generation

Appointment Setting

At Wizard Group we do the appointment setting and appointment reminders for your companies, businesses and organizations. We have vast experience and skillsets required for taking your leads and making the calls, as well as for setting the sales appointments and conducting the follow-up reminders. Through effective campaigns, we provide qualified prospects to your business and sales employees.
We are reputed for our highly successful generation of leads into appointments that are secured. We also offer customized strategies depending on the needs of business’ products/services. We are also responsible for real-time appointment cancellations as well as well as rescheduling.


Wizard Group offers a range of market research and survey services for helping businesses in collection of market intelligence, measure interest of consumers in product/service offerings, and gain actionable feedback at reasonable rates. Our research is based on purchase situations, demographics, as well as usage situations. We offer survey services that present simple questionnaires to consumers so that they are interested in answering.