Our Company

Wizard is a global business service organisation with 11 years of expertise in various verticals. We have 500+ agile employees passionately working to drive business value. We bring state-of-art solutions to address the challenges faced by the data ecosystem in current digital progressive age.

Data Science and data management has evolved greatly in the recent past with the advancement in the technology and industry as a whole. Wizard has started its journey as a core IT service providing company where it has seen the gradual progress made by the data management techniques, technologies, strategies and practices as well as the birth of the revered data science in the modern business ecosystem. This has helped us in developing in developing such demanding and high performing tools, services and management attributes which can help businesses across the industry spectrum to revolutionize their data management to the next level.

Wizard has invested heavily in bringing finest minds from across the nation to form its ‘Data Management’ wing. Our expertise stems from the years of experience by the team as well as the company in dealing with data related issues from the very beginning of the data management revolution.

Our data scientists, engineers, professionals, stewards and other individuals are adept at handling any kind of data ecosystem with confidence. As stated earlier we have been present at data scene since the beginning of the time hence we understand the minute details which are overlooked by others and it allows us to offer reliable expertise in transforming companies from reliance on the traditional data ecosystem to modern complex ecosystem with cloud support.

We have developed state-of-art tools, technologies and strategies which have been perfected over the years through intensive trial-and-error experimentations. Currently we bring adaptive, intelligent and updated data management practices coupled with technologies and tools to propel any business growth within a short time interval.