Inbound Services

Inbound Services

Wizard Group reliance on the latest business process services technologies and industry proven strategies helps in easing the business process. Our inbound call center services will help businesses in refining the customer communication by resolving issues & disputes along with offering various customer oriented feedbacks. We offer cross-industry based solutions which can easily meet the functional requirement of any specific industry. Furthermore our BPS services are scalable and adaptive in nature which means it can be transformed as per the changing needs of your businesses with ease and grace.
Our BPS services will create a competitive advantage through carefully improving the organizational agility. Our esteemed services will help businesses in decreasing the operational costs, boosting the revenue & efficiency of the organization as a whole.

We specialize in the following inbound services:

Telesales / Upsell

Wizard Group provides excellent telesales services for managing business’ business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) telesales programs. Our telesales agents are well chosen with high skillsets and each agent is trained to meet expectations of clients. We have agents who can identify the right opportunity to convert leads into prospects, convert prospects into customers, and convert inquiry/service calls to sales transactions.
To achieve success in telesales, Wizard Group monitors the response rates very closely. The managers make the necessary adjustments in the telesales programs to achieve the desired results in a short time. Our telesales department uses predictive dialers and also comes up with exciting offers that make prospects respond frequently. Wizard Group offers you detailed reporting and dedicated management for the telesales programs.

Order taking

Order taking is an inbound BPO process that requires 100% precision and competence, and Wizard Group fit the purpose perfectly. Trusting us with order taking service means that you do not have to miss any customer calls. We provide customized and scalable order taking service round the clock to meet the business requirements of the customers.
We have high end technology and flexible working force that makes handling high call volumes with a personal touch possible. Our order taking services are efficient enough to ensure that the right products reach intended recipients within the stipulated delivery time.

Customer Care/Service

At Wizard Group we develop special training programs so that our customer service representatives can take calls from customers promptly and resolve their issues regarding products/services of clients. The agents offer superior quality customer service over the phone in Wizard Group voice processes and are skilled to offer cost effective solutions in a short time.

Customer Loyalty

Wizard Group understands that customer loyalty programs are necessary for the excellence of businesses/companies. We emphasize on the design of business products and also the operational execution of the businesses. We devise several strategies for enabling customers to be loyal to businesses and keep making repeat purchases.

Technical Help Desk

Wizard Group provides technical and product support programs for its customers throughout various industries.
We work closely with our clients to design programs and knowledge management tools with logical call flows that can effectively handle your customers' inquiries.
For clients who don't have knowledge databases internally, we have extensive experience in building applications and knowledge bases to serve as the primary diagnostic tools for the call resolution process.
There are extensive branching logic and decision trees built into the application process to assess your customers' issues and offer the proper resolution.

Chat and Email Support

Wizard Group very well understands that it is crucial to provide customers the liberty to access customer service through the channel most convenient for them. Apart from the telephone, customer service is also offered through live chat and email. Our highly skilled customer service representatives offer support to customers through live chat and email for enhancing business’ productivity levels, customer retention, conversion rates, and increase growth in businesses.
Our chat support customer service operations include features like collaborative co-browsing, knowledge based integration, and navigational features to enable customers navigate through customer care offerings.
We also offer email support customer service operations as a primary means for customer relationship management and data transmission. Our services are reliable for quality assistance and we can control scale with complexity.